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Hello and welcome to the official website of Wren Games. We are excited to share with you several of our latest designs, all of which are available in a PnP format. We’d love to hear your thoughts on our games – just head over to out Playtest area to request a copy of the files.

Who We Are

Wren Games consists of the wife and husband board game designer/developer team Janice (@Dravvin) and Stu (@StuTurner4) Turner. We fit in our design and playtesting activities around  our young daughters Amelie and Sammie, work and of course playing board games! We are both avid sci-fi fans, love to go walking and travel, preferably together! You can read an interview with Janice on GJJ Games’s blog.

We are the creators of The Maiden Voyage, Assembly and Inca the Tinker: Tales of a Mischievous Cat with several other ideas waiting for the light of day. For much of the art, we enlist the help of our good friend Mike Jessup.

Our Design Philosophy

Our mission when designing a game has to minimise the amount of time you need to spend referring to the rule book both for your first game and subsequent ones whilst still creating a great game experience with depth and replayability. Therefore our guiding design principles for all our designs have been for them to be:

  1. Quick to learn;
  2. Intuitive to play;
  3. Easy to remember
  4. Eminently replayable and (of course)
  5. Fun to play!

We hope that we’ve achieved these aims with our first 3 designs – all of which are available for playtesting.

If you’d like to see what games have inspired us, you can find Janice’s top 2-player cooperative games here. You can also read our (slightly) extended reviews of cooperative games on our newly started Blog page.

Thanks for visiting our page and we hope you enjoy what we have to offer🙂

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