Janice’s Top 2-Player Cooperative Games

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Want to find out more about the sort of games we like to play and what’s influenced us in our games designs? You can find Janice’s first Geek List ranking all the cooperative games she’s ever played in order of preference. She’s still going through and adding a description to some of them but eventually everything will have her thoughts against it.

If you have any ideas of games that we should try, leave us a message!

Geek List: Cooperative Games that Play Well with 2-Players


Janice’s top 10 cooperative games (as of 23/11/16) are:

  1. Time Stories
  2. Pandemic Legacy
  3. Legends of Andor
  4. Robinson Crusoe
  5. Mansions of Madness (2nd Ed)
  6. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective
  7. Sylvion
  8. Shadowrift
  9. Pandemic the Cure
  10. Nautilion



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