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So since our last Blog post we’ve had a number of new reviews come out for Assembly that I haven’t quite kept up with and we still have a few more to go! Here’s the run down fo the latest ones:

Richard at Rahdo Runs-Through

“It’s a lovely little design. It’s a fun fast puzzle of a game that’s tight and compact and has a Hanabi feeling. It’s a sharp, sweet, fun little coop game.Watch it.

Rahdo also does a run-down of the UKGE where he talks about Assembly. Watch it.

David at Everything Board Games

“Assembly does not hesitate to put its all into the theme. The mechanics of word choice and coordination, framed as the computer acting against you, is genius. [It’s] a game that draws you into its world and keeps you there until your last breath. Assembly is a nail-biting card game where the prize for success is your life. When I say this game is tight, I mean it. It’s intense enough to make Pandemic veterans shake with fear. If someone could make a board game out of a Rubik’s Cube, it would look a lot like Assembly.” Read it.

Rory at Board Meetings

“What you’ll get with Assembly is a neat puzzle game, but more than that, this strikes a great co-op chord. Not only does a victory feel especially shared and equally achieved, but in playing this game you’ll create a muster point of thought, where there is a degree of pleasure and alarm (in almost equal measure) when both players are on the same page… Assembly is on Kickstarter now for £16 and for that, you’d be a smeghead for missing out.Read it.

Krista at Geek Girl Project

8dd87601b39f4f98acc8a70774987236_400x400 “I highly recommend checking out the Kickstarter campaign as this is a game that I can honestly say I love everything about it – the replayability; the wonderful quality of the wooden tokens; the gameplay; the exhilaration that comes with trying to beat the clock; learning to communicate differently and more effectively with my fellow players; literally everything!” Read more.

Rebecca at To Play is Human

logo-4 “We really enjoyed playing Assembly. It’s such a great 2-player puzzle game and I love the replayability. The random shuffling of the bay cards in combination with the random order of the room module stack means you will have a different puzzle nearly every time you play. Clearly a lot of playtesting was done to get the number of deck shuffles and number of cards down to nearly the minimum necessary. It’s a tight puzzle!Read more.

Joshua at Logan Chops Reviews

23783628_1553595391399459_758781656953401252_o “The gameplay is awesome. It’s a pretty interesting game and we had a lot of fun. We’re planning on playing the hell out of it; I think we need to work on our strategy for the game as our highest score is 20 points!” Watch it.

Jean-Michael at INOD

Assembly rassemble plusieurs points très forts. Les premiers étant la possibilité d’y évoluer en solo ou en coopération à 2. Des atouts peu courants, pourtant recherchés. Le mix de dé, cartes et jetons est également toujours intéressant. Surtout qu’Assembly y apporte sa touche par la mise en place du vaisseau, via les cartes. Le détail faisant la différence. Lire l’avis complet.

Delve Cast Podcast

An interview with Janice where they talk about Assembly, cyber sharks and other random things. Listen now.

GeekSpiel’s Table Crashers Episode

gs-logo-475x475-2 I have been watching this game develop. A small box coop with a power-hungry sentient computer? Yes, please. To be truthful, I haven’t been this excited about a game on Kickstarter since Eric Lang’s…well, everything.

Watch Chris and Emma play a game of Assembly, recorded live on Twitch. Watch now.

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