Assembly is a quick, 2-player cooperative or solo puzzle card game that fits in your pocket.

You are on an orbital platform that assembles luxury spaceships. After a recent micrometeorite impact, a deadly virus has emerged and wiped out the entire staff. Luckily, you seem to have natural immunity and now you must escape to help create a vaccine before the virus spreads to Earth.

Assembly New Art


Assembly was ranked among the top designs in the 2016 Board Game Geek Mint Tin Design Contest (26 entries):

  • 1st place: Best Written Rules
  • 3rd place: Most Innovative Mechanism
  • 4th place: Overall in Contest*
  • 6th place: Best Overall Design
*based on Geek Gold won


Using the Command Cards in your hand Draw, Swap, and Rotate Room Modules around the ship until they sit on their matching Blueprint where you can lock them into place to build a ship and escape.

No two games will ever be the same because of a variable setup, several role cards and the optional use of malfunctions activating on locking that force you to change your strategy. Also, 2-player games add limited communication into the mix and the optional use of sign language instead of verbal communication.

Inspiration has been drawn from clock patience, Shadi Torbey’s Omniverse games and The Maiden Voyage.

You can find a narrative on this games development in its WIP thread on BGG. Links to the PnP files are in the first post of the thread. The PnP files are available in low ink and we have a Tabletopia (no accunt required) version ready for testing – we just ask that you play at least 3 times and fill in a feedback form.

If you would like to playtest Assembly, please read the Rules then fill in this form. We simply ask that you play Assembly at least 3 times then give us some feedback.

Fits in your pocket Fits on most small tables
60 components Tabletopia Digital Implementation