Inca the Tinker: Tales of a Mischievous Cat



Inca the Tinker is a mischievous cat. When the lights go out he gets up to all sorts of naughtiness. Tonight, you are in charge of what he does. You must match the room, furniture and item to his adventures. The first person to match all 3 and tell their story wins.


Inca the Tinker: Tales of a Mischievous Cat came in the top 3 designs in 5 categories of the 2016 Board Game Geek Children’s PnP Contest (13 entries):

  • 1st place: Story Telling Game
  • 2nd place: Very Young Children
  • 3rd place: Pre-School Kindergarten Children
  • 3rd place: Pattern/Matching Game
  • 3rd place: Solo/Coop Game


pic3254889Inca the Tinker is a colour/item matching, memory and story telling game with the added bonus of word association and blocking strategies for older children. It can be scaled depending on the age of the child.

Inspiration has been draw from our very own black cat, Inca and Lynley Dodd’s Slinky Malinki.

You can find a narrative on this games development in its WIP thread on BGG. Links to the PnP files are in the first post of the thread. The PnP files are available in both low ink and full colour.

If you download it and play Inca the Tinker – please let us know! What did you think? How could we improve it? Was anything unclear? 


The Story

Inca the Tinker was a beautiful cat,
Elegantly tall and the inkiest black.

He was loving, adorable and wonderfully sweet,
But hidden beneath he’d a mischievous streak.

His ravenous hunger, each night he’d sneak,
Into the cupboards, open each door with a creak.

What luck he had. What had he found?
His favourite! Broccoli! Quickly gulped down.

His belly satisfied and feeling quite full,
He’d search the porch and shred the green shawl.

Now looking around, he’d want something to hunt.
A coat? A hat? The umbrellas out front?

No matter the thing he just want it all.
If he couldn’t reach he’d yowl and he’d call.

Up got his mistress in the middle of the night,
Petting poor Inca. Had he had a big fright?

Little she knew what mischievous things,
Had naughty Inca done to her things

He’d search all the shelves until he had found,
His favourite treat then upstairs he’d bound.

He’d gleefully hook elastic bands from the drawer,
And flick them and chew them til they were no more.

Next came the lego that he’d chase over the floor.
Then he’d sit there and meow wanting more … More!

But what more is there, one might sit and might think.
But Inca the Tinker would give a knowing look. And a sneaky wink.

Teddy bear brown was the next port of call,
Up came his paw and down it would fall.

The baby awake and crying out loud,
The mistress up again, no sleep she allowed.

Teddy bear found and placed back in cot,
The mistress could sleep and so could the tot.

Tired and shattered from all that he’d done,
He’d look out the window and see the rise of the Sun

At last he was tired and curled up to sleep,
At the bottom of the bed by his mistress’s feet.