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To celebrate reaching over 500 followers on Twitter and Assembly coming to Kickstarter on the 24th May 2018 we’re giving away 2 promos to 1 lucky winner. Good luck!!

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Guest Blog: Designing Solo

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Janice recently wrote a guest post on BSoMT’s blog about her experiences of designing games, in particular for solo play.

I started designing tabletop games a couple of years ago when I was on maternity leave with my eldest (now 2.5y). It was my attempt to have a ‘solo’ hobby. When starting out I wanted to design games that my hubby and I would enjoy but also that would have a wide appeal.

My biggest pet hate in games is having to refer to the rulebook (frequently) mid-game. I’d much rather just do what seems intuitive then check at the end so we know for next time so as to not interrupt the flow of the game. Games should be fun and we should be playing for fun. If we do something wrong? So what, as long as it was fun!

Read the full post over on BSoMT’s Blog.


First Preview of Assembly by BSoMT

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Both Sides of My Table have the honour of writing the first preview of Assembly prior to our Kickstarter launch next month.  Here’s an excerpt of their preview:

At first, I have to shamedly admit, I really did think…yikes, this is going to be pretty lame. A circle of cards and a set of counters to place on them. where is the fun in that…But how wrong could I be?

…Everything flows smoothly during a game and the rules are simple, well explained enabling a speedy start and setupteardown is pretty quick too. The backstory and locations all knit together to create quite a compelling game theme.

…It feels odd to consider awarding a score as I do with published games when this is only in its play-testing stage but it is already a most enjoyable concept and one I would highly recommend (5/6).

You can find the full preview here.

Janice Announced Winner of the Jellybean Game Design Scholarship

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Janice has been announced the winner of the 2018 Jellybean Scholarship.

She’ll be working with Chris and Suzanne at Cardboard Edison to further (and hopefully complete!) the design of The Maiden Voyage.

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The scholarship is intended to help designers who aren’t able to get reliable blind playtesting and mentorship. Janice has been working on her game for several years now – her application highlighted the unique premise and mechanics of the design – and we’re excited to offer her an opportunity to finish polishing the game and get it ready to show to publishers.” – Peter C. Hayward, Jellybean Games.

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Wren Games in the USA

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Going to the Midwinter Gaming Convention in Milwaukee, WI next week?

Both The Maiden Voyage and Assembly will be available to play in the Regency Ballroom (aka the Board Game Room). This is the first time either of these games have been demo’d in the US!

If you play, please do let us know what you thought of them.

Happy Gaming everyone!


Assembly Rated one of the Top Games in BGG Mint Tin Design Contest

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The results are in for the BGG Mint Tin Design Contest. We are thrilled at how well Assembly: Spaceship Builders did, particularly given that this was the first contest we entered (second we completed). There were a total of 26 entries with Assembly: Spaceship Builders gaining the 4th highest Geek Gold payout and achieved these category rankings:

  • 1st place: Best Written Rules
  • 3rd place: Most Innovative Mechanic
  • 6th place: Best Overall Design
  • 6th place: Best Theme

Well done to everyone entered and thank-you to anyone who voted – we were up against some stiff competition and I’m glad to see that my favourite design (Garrison: A Solo Game) came in the top 3 for best overall design.

Inca the Tinker: Wins 2nd Place in BGG Children’s PnP Contest for Very Young Children!

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The results are in for the BGG Children’s PnP Contest. Inca the Tinker did rather well given it was our first completed contest and this game was designed in record time. There were a total of 13 entries with Inca the Tinker: Tales of a Mischievous Cat achieving:

  • 2nd place: Very Young Children
  • 3rd place: Pre-School Kindergarten Children
  • 3rd place: Pattern/Matching Game
  • 3rd place: Solo/Coop Game

Well done to everyone entered and thank-you to anyone who voted – we were up against some stiff competition and I can say that the best design definitely won (Otto the Octopus was certainly my favourite!).